Noire TV Bites X AfroTech 2018

How Tech and Beauty Subscription Box Founder, Jamelia Donaldson is Recreating the Black Hair Consumer Experience


FEATURED VIDEO AND PHOTO SOURCE: Created and produced by content producer, Kami Simmons (Official video and photo coverage). Nov. 20, 2018

Our lead content producer and on-air TV and digital reporter, Kami Simmons attended Blavity’s AfroTech Summit last week and this past weekend. The one place where many in the Black Tech world connect! Google, Lyft, Amazon, Founder Gym, and many more were there and the Noire TV Network, Caspen Media, LLC covered it all for our viewers all over the world, both in and outside of the United States. Article to follow. 

“We’re revolutionizing the retailing space for Black women in London.”

Millions of Black women all over the world wear their hair is a variety of textures . From braids to Bantu knots, to a weave, Black women have done it all and have seen it all and continue to just do that. In fact, according to research, women of color hold two trillion dollars in buying power. The idea of continuing to focus in on naturalistas on a global scale, inspired London-born tech and beauty founder, Jamelia Donaldson, to launch the Treasure Tress Box subscription service, a bi-monthly product discovery box and lifestyle brand for consumers, which her company describes as, “Mini-Me’s, Tweens and Queens with Kinky Curly Hair,” helping women with naturally kinky curly hair of all types, to find new products for their hair.

Jamelia – who has worked as a marketing assistant in Beijing, China. She later worked with PR and entertainment mogul, BJ Coleman. Where she worked with Coleman Entertainment Group’s client list boasting of the likes of Naomi Campbell, Vivica A Fox, Tyson Beck-ford and Tatiyana Ali, this was the beginning of a fascinating journey into the world of PR, Communications, and Brand Development.

It was just two years in when she was building this hair community when founder, Jamelia launched her now very popular social media page (launched in 2014) in conjunction with a initial roll out of her first two interns and the hiring of her team shortly after. It was then when this beauty and tech venture took off.

“We’re revolutionizing the retailing space for Black women in London.” The gaol of the pop-up event is to encourage brands to think about how they talk and communicate with Black women. Her goal was to challenge attendees and fellow hair product consumers to think about their shopping experience and what the experience should be like, both in and outside of London, for them when they are shopping for beauty products.